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Welcome to the Dinin & Mountain Rivers...the Rivers of Borris, County Carlow

The key ambitions for Borris as set out by the community in the Borris - Our Vision report include ‘Keep it Special’ and to make it ‘A Good Place to Grow Up and Grow Old’. The Mountain and Dinin Rivers flow through Borris and into the River Barrow at Bún na hAbhann and the community recognises the importance of cherishing these local rivers and the role they can play in achieving those ambitions.

Many people have fond memories of swimming and fishing in the Dinin. Unfortunately, it has become virtually inaccessible and the quality of fishing has diminished vastly over recent years. The aim of the Borris Rivers Project is to raise awareness within the community, gather local knowledge and memories about the river, find out more about thenature on our doorstep and involve children in this ‘outdoor classroom’. 


These rivers are the hidden gems of Borris. Restoring the historic lanes of Borris and connecting to the former railway, the Barrow and the Dinin River is seen as a key project by the community to enhance the heart of the town. On a larger scale, positioning Borris as a hub at the centre of a network of looped walks and longer distance walks along rivers and into the mountains is a strategy which the community recognises can bring sustainable growth to Borris.


As part of the Borris Rivers Project, we participated in a StreamScapes-led Field Trip along the Dinin River where we learned about the River’s Biodiversity, before returning to the Community Hall for further discussion on issues and initiatives in our Catchment, followed by a superb slide show from Fintan Ryan, and presentation on the Blackstairs Farming Futures Project from Owen Carton.


A big part of our engagement with the River involves hearing the stories of the past and determining our vision and aspirations for the future.

A detailed report was created as part of the Streamscapes catchments community project, which can be downloaded here.

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