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The Borris Smart Village project was commissioned by Borris Community Development CLG in November 2020.

What is a Smart Village?


Smart Villages connect people in rural areas, supporting new and existing enterprises and creating a network of digital champions – all working together to build a vibrant, creative and sustainable rural economy. 


A Smart Village is a super connected community, either based around a settlement or a cluster of settlements. We stretch the traditional term village, so a Smart Village can range in size from a hamlet to a small town. It can also represent a community of shared interest across a wider geographical area.

Smart thinking

Better places to live, do business, work, learn, play and visit.

Smart Villages can be the catalyst to make your village a better place economically, socially but also physically. When more communities take ownership of buildings and places the physical environment can be improved for business and social use. A Smart Village can be the driver for change, or make change easier.


Active communities 

Thriving communities are engaged, empathetic communities. If everybody has a voice - enterprises, schools, individuals, clubs and associations - they feel empowered and more connected to their place. Smart Village portals can help by being a focal point for visitors, businesses and communities through digital notice-boards, events listings, what’s on and local information.


The Smart Village concept nurtures innovative thinking and activity. There is a Smart Village community across Europe that shares ideas and good practice. This could be the use of smart technology, a meeting of a new group of individuals, or a simpler way to share information. Please get in touch if you have a good idea or you want to discuss a particular challenge... We may know a village that has the solution!

What's involved in Borris Smart Village?


The Borris Smart Village will centre around the development of this portal, including a directory of local businesses and community organisations.

As well as developing the site, the project involves support for recruiting and training a number of Digital Champions, who will gain the skills to maintain the site in future and engage with the community to ensure a steady supply of fresh news and events to keep the portal updated.

If you'd like to get involved, please contact for more details.

Thanks and credits

This website was created as part of the Smart Village project commissioned by Borris Community Development CLG with funding support from the Town and Village Renewal scheme.

Photography credits, with thanks to:

Harry Reid, Glenn Lucas

Fintan Ryan, Padraig Kavanagh,

Fergal Murphy, Roger Jones and

Carlow Tourism.

Logo created, with thanks to:

Lorenzo Tonti

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