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Rathanna ICA - Capturing Memories from Rathanna N.S.

Rathanna I.C.A. have been successful in their application under the Community

Heritage Grants Scheme as funded by the Heritage Council. 

The purpose of our project is to record memories of school days in Rathanna N.S. 

The school has been closed for over 40 years. Therefore we want to record people's

stories before they are forgotten forever. It is our hope to record interviews with a

number of people who have memories from their time at Rathanna N.S. 

Come to us or we can go to you - If you or someone you know is interested in having

their memories of Rathanna N.S. recorded. We would love to interview you, please

get in touch. 

To Come to us: Rathanna I.C.A. members will have use of Rathanna hall to meet

people and listen to and record their stories. 

Please come to Rathanna Hall  ,  between 10am - 11am on either: 

Sunday July 16th or Sunday July 23rd

If you hope to come to the hall - just turn up on the day or let us know beforehand.

Or We can go to you: If it suits you better to interview you at home, please let us

know and we'll arrange an interview. 

Our main event during Heritage Week 2023

Main Event: Rathanna N.S. School Reunion

Date: Sunday August 13th 

Time: 10am -12pm

At the Rathanna N.S. School Reunion, we hope to showcase some of our work so

far. There will also be an opportunity to have your stories recorded on the day. 

Contact us: By Email: 

Or by Text or Phone- Please contact a member of Rathanna I.C.A.:

Mary Dunphy: 0876100016,

Catherine Osborne: 0857147994,

Helena McAteer: 0871269014,

Sharleen Warren: 0872806888,

Trish Doyle: 0876565047,

Mags Quinn: 086 3131358,

Breda Heywood: 0861201138

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